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A Fun Watercolor Technique for All Ages

A Fun Watercolor Technique for All Ages

Watercolor resist is a fun and simple art technique that kids of all ages can do and enjoy. Just draw something with oil pastels or crayons, then paint over it with watercolors and watch the paint be repelled. We chose two different summer-related scenes to make, but this is great for any theme to tie into any season or holiday year-round.


Watercolor paper is ideal for this project so you don’t have to worry about the paints bleeding through the paper.

  1. Start by drawing whatever you like with the oil pastels or crayons—we chose a spider’s web and a sunset.

  2. Then add watercolors to the paper to complete the project—we added a colored background to the spider’s web and used watercolors for the sky behind the setting sun.

Our Crafter’s Choice and Zen brush lines have great brushes for watercolors. Point out to your kids how the watercolor paints get repelled by the oil pastels or crayons. Feel free to let them test the technique by adding more and more paint and watch as it continues to be repelled. Just make sure to allow ample drying time!

Finished Project
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