Courtney Pilgrim

Courtney’s a teacher of art in Atlanta, Georgia for five years and blogger. Ever since an early age she has loved to draw and paint, and like many children, dreamed I would grow up to be an artist one day! Forward to 20 something years later, and she still is dreaming that dream, as well as living it out!

Her first love in life was painting, and second was color, and you would understand that, if you’ve taken one look at her blog! Painting is her happy place. She pulls inspiration from color and the world around her. She has a deep love for fashion, patterns and texture, all of which are heavily represented in her personal work.

She loves when she has the time to just play with her paints. She loves to explore new techniques while working in her art journals and has learned that some of her best work comes from happy accidents during that time of ‘play’. Enjoy!