Our Ambassadors

You know how everyone has that Artist friend they can go to for the best creative advice? Just for you, we have gathered together "that creative friend" from all over the internet. They are our Artist ambassadors, and they are here to help you make your Art a reality. We can't wait to introduce you to them!

Justin Vining

Justin grew up on a small family farm in Northern Indiana, working the land of three generations of Vinings. He frequently draws inspiration from rural America and has become fascinated with the disappearance of small family farms that once dominated the American Landscape.

Happy D

Happy is an oil painter specializing in portraits of mysterious heroines with a touch of fantasy. The stories told by these ethereal characters are not meant to be a visual diary of the artist's personal life. Rather, the stories depict an alternate world in which these characters are born, flourish and evolve with a soul of their own.

Jennifer Song Kim

Jennifer is a hand-lettering and watercolor artist. Educated and trained in Economics and Law, she worked in Manhattan for 6 years before leaving to stay at home with her twins. She started painting as a creative outlet, which she soon realized was her passion.

Cassie Stephens

Cassie has been teaching art in the Nashville area for 20 years. She teaches art to more than 400 Kindergarten through fourth grade children who are thrilled to paint, color, and sculpt everyday! When not teaching, Cassie enjoys stitching up wild and wacky ensembles to enhance her lessons and make teaching art even more fun.

Oana Befort

Oana [pronounced “Wanna”] is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with a huge love for photography, design, crafts, style and everything artsy. She is spending her time taking care of her kindred spirited kiddos, working on projects, painting watercolors, listening to music, taking photos and enjoying the little things.

Courtney Pilgrim

Courtney’s a teacher of art in Atlanta, Georgia for five years and blogger. Ever since an early age she has loved to draw and paint, and like many children, dreamed I would grow up to be an artist one day! Forward to 20 something years later, and she still is dreaming that dream, as well as living it out!