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Brush Cleaning & Storage Tips

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While Royal & Langnickel brushes are designed with high quality materials for maximum durability, properly caring for your brushes can extend their life even longer. Find tips here for how to clean and store both natural and synthetic hair brushes along with solutions for common art brush issues.


1. Wood handle brushes should always be stored flat or hanging down to prevent water from soaking into the handle.
2. Acrylic brushes should be stored flat, but can be stored upright if most of the water has been dried from the hairs.
3. When storing natural hair brushes for the summer or long periods, dip the brushes in liquid hand or dish soap, wipe the excess, reshape the head, and allow the brush to dry. This will seal the hairs, eliminate mites from getting to the brush, and ensure the brush head keeps its shape.
4. Do not store brushes in cramped quarters where the hairs can get bent out of shape and break.
5. While brushes are not made to last forever, good care can help extend their life time significantly.



1. If acrylic paints dry in the hairs, the brush may be ruined. Dried acrylics can permanently damage the hairs.
2. Try not to soak handles. Water levels should only be to the crimping on the ferrule. Wetting handles will cause cracking and loosening. Dry handles after every cleaning.
3. Clean immediately after painting. Do not let any paint sit or dry on the hairs.
4. Occasionally, you can clean the brushes with regular hand soap, reshape, and let dry.
5. Be gentle when using cake paints. Coarse scrubbing can permanently damage the hairs and force paint into the ferrule.
6. For natural hair brushes, wash them occasionally with a brush conditioner. This will keep the hairs from drying out and breaking.


Hairs Falling Out:

1. Occasionally the factory misses or shorts the glue in a small number brushes.
2. Short hairs may have been missed in the combing process and could fall out.
3. Natural hairs are dry and breaking.

Abnormal Wear:

Manufacturers rarely change the make-up of brushes. If a new brush you normally use is now wearing quickly, you may be using the brush too roughly, using it with the wrong medium, or not cleaning or storing it properly.


This can happen when there is an upside-down hair. Thoroughly clean the brush, reshape, allow to dry.


1. Moths can eat natural hairs and ruin the brushes.
2. Moths will not eat a brush that has been in paint.

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