Mandy Culver

Artist Statement:

Flowers are present at so many of life’s celebrations as well as life’s sorrows. Mandy thoughtfully chooses the flowers she paints based on her memories as a child, special vacations, anniversaries and other memorable moments. Watercolor is her medium of choice. It lends itself to the movement and fluid layering of each petal and detail in a flower.

Mandy has been working primarily with watercolor for the last seven years. She enjoys using her personal work in connection with projects she teaches her elementary artists. When she is not creating or teaching, you will find her reading all the books, trying all the foods, taking all the photos, and soaking in all the smiles with her three kids, husband, and pets.

Educator Statement:

Mandy aspires to help her students find their artistic voice. She encourages her artists to make their own choices and communicates that mistakes are okay and sometimes helpful. She helps her artists recognize the power art can have by supporting them in finding personal connections to their work.