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Thanksgiving Crafts for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and now is a perfect time to get creative and make some crafts inspired by the holiday. Check out these all-ages craft ideas you can create using Royal & Langnickel products.

Fingerprint Turkeys

Handprint Turkeys

Odds are you made at least one handprint into a turkey as a child and you can continue the tradition with your kids. There are lots of different options for this project using paints or crayons and colored pencils.

Paper Turkeys -- Trace hands on brown construction paper, then use crayons and Royal & Langnickel Color Pencils to draw and color feathers on white paper to cut out and glue on your handprint turkey.

Painted Turkeys -- Use Big Kid’s Choice brushes to paint hands with washable brown paint (older kids can paint their own hands) and then make hand prints on a large sheet of paper. After the hand prints dry, let kids use smaller Big Kid’s Choice brushes to add details like feathers, eyes, and feet. Royal & Langnickel acrylic paints come in the perfect bright, bold colors to make colorful turkeys.

Fingerprint Turkeys -- Use paint and brushes to make a turkey entirely out of fingerprints! Start by painting a finger brown to make the turkey’s body (thumbs are best with little hands), then switch to yellow and orange for the feathers. Add some face details and feet with a smaller paintbrush or markers and you’re done!

Leaf Place Card

Leaf Place Cards

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, leaf place cards are a simple way to create a festive table. You can use real leaves (collect the most colorful ones from outside and press them) and add some creative touches with paint, then write names with a Nano-Liner once they’ve dried. You can also create rubbings of real leaves with crayons or color pencils and then cut them out or cut out leaf shapes from construction paper. Add whatever creative details you (or your kids) want, write each person’s name, then set them on each plate to finish your Thanksgiving table.

Thankful Leaf

Gratitude Board

This is a great project for either Thanksgiving Day or throughout November. Cut out leaves from construction paper or matte card stock—get as creative as you want with decorating them, but leave space to write. Then have family members and guests write one thing they are thankful for on each leaf. Attach the leaves to a board to display—you can use a cork or message board you already have or create your own. Making a board can be as simple as using Royal & Langnickel oil pastels and color pencils to decorate a piece of poster board or you can use a canvas (paint a background color with acrylic paints and Zen brushes for a pop of color in between each leaf). Make a canvas gratitude board more permanent by brushing the board with Mod Podge once every leaf has been attached.

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