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Artist Justin Vining Talks About His Favorite Royal & Langnickel Brushes

Justin Vining's Favorite Brushes

Royal & Langnickel ambassador Justin Vining has used our brushes with his work for years, initially starting with our Soft-Grip line. As a working artist who often paints outdoors, he definitely puts brushes to the test, so we asked him what his very favorites are to use with his primary medium, oils.

Imia Brushes


Justin uses a size 10 filbert and size 4 bright in this line, preferring to use them for large washes of color and abstract shapes. “The filbert is great for getting some big shadows and basic values in really quickly and helps me not think about the details of the piece too early,” he said. Our Imia line features interlocking Chungking bristle that hold large amounts of paint.

Supreme Brushes


Since Justin paints a lot of landscapes and nature scenes, it’s important for him to have brushes he can use to accurately portray these details. In our Supreme line, he uses a number 2 round for making initial sketches and then a number 4 filbert for organic forms such as trees and bushes. The stiff natural bristles apply paint smoothly and evenly.

Royal Sable™ Brushes

Royal SableTek™

We designed the SableTek™ line as a synthetic version of the original Langnickel Royal Sable™ brushes and Justin uses the short bright and flat bright brushes in this line on a regular basis. "These brushes are really great for tighter detail work, especially when working with geometric forms," he said. "It's nice for those smaller spaces where I still need a hard edge."

See more of Justin’s work on his website,

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