Gift Guide 3: For the Crafter

Gift Guide 3: For the Crafter

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Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!
Win one of these great gifts!

We’re giving away one of these amazing gifts on Instagram Monday, 12/10! Follow our Instagram account @royalbrushart and find out how to enter our giveaway!

1. Mythos Brush Sets

Add a little magic to craft projects with the Mythos brush collection! These whimsical craft brushes are made with premium quality synthetic hair that is suitable for all media. Whether you choose the Mermaid or the Unicorn, you’re sure to be inspired by these extraordinary brushes. Choose from: Mermaid or Unicorn in both 4pc and 7pc sets.
(Item #s: MYTH201, MYTH202, MYTH203, MYTH204, MYTH301, MYTH302, MYTH303, MYTH304, MYTH401, MYTH402, MYTH403, MYTH405, MYTH501, MYTH502, MYTH503, MYTH504)

2. Crafter’s Choice 15pc Sets

Featuring the original no-slip rubber grip for added comfort while painting! These popular sets offer a full range of must-have craft brushes for all crafting projects. Available in gold, brown, black and white synthetic hair as well as natural camel hair. This collection has a brush type for nearly every crafting technique and surface.
(Item #s: RCC-601, RCC-602, RCC-603, RCC-604, RCC-605, RCC-606)

3. Natural & Synthetic Sponge Set

For faux finishing and creating unique textures! This 8pc natural and synthetic sponge set offers multiple shapes and sizes for variety. Suitable for home decor projects and can be used on walls, furniture and other items.
(Item #: R2087)

4. Crafter’s Choice Jumbo Brush Set

Great for large projects! Color coded by hair type, this set contains one white, one black and one gold synthetic hair craft brush. The acrylic handles won’t swell or crack in water.
(Item #: RCC-702)

5. Sparkle Stencil Brush Set

Paint with stencils in style with these sparkly handled stencil brushes! These durable brushes have stiff bristle hair, perfect for stippling and stencil painting. The gold glitter handles dress up this hard-working brush. Available in 4pc sets.
(Item #s: CLSTEN-21, CLSTEN-22, CLSTEN-23, CLSTEN-24)

6. Crafter’s Choice 18pc Variety Pack

Perfect for crafters that work with many media types! This 18-pc brush set offers a large sampling of our most popular craft brushes and hair types -all in one set! The brushes are color coded by hair type, making it easy to know which brush to use.
(Item #: RCC-701)

7. Aqua Flo Watercolor Brush Set

Enjoy mess free watercolor painting! Fill the barrel with water and get ready to create! Simply dip the wet tip in watercolor paint and start painting. Set includes small, medium, and large synthetic brush heads that are easy to clean.
(Item #: RCC809)

8. Craft Foam Brush Set

Essential to every crafter’s tool kit, this 25pc variety pack of foam brushes is perfect for a multitude of projects! This foam brush set offers several styles and sizes and works well on any type of surface. Use them to apply finishes, stains, varnishes, decoupage or decorative paints. They are made of heavy-duty, high density foam that will not easily tear and will stand the test of time. Set includes: two foam rollers, three sponge-tipped applicators, four 3” foam brushes, four 2” foam brushes, four 1.5” foam brushes, five 1” foam brushes.
(Item #: RCC822)

9. Craft Accessory Set

Every crafter needs paint mixing accessories! Create custom color schemes and unique paint textures with these handy tools. Included in set: two ten-well palettes and three palette knives.
(Item #: RCC807)

Find these products at your favorite arts & crafts store or retail chain.

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