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My Favorite Winter Holiday Drawing Contest

My Favorite Winter Holiday Drawing Contest

We want you to make our logo your own! Using our signature crown and the letters to spell out “Royal,” turn our logo into a piece of artwork that reflects what you love about this holiday season! Use any medium you prefer, from pastels, to paint, to pencil, to markers, and even color pencils. However, please note that drawings will be reviewed and need to be scanned into a two-dimensional (2D) format. As with all of our contests, the winner's artwork will be featured on the Royal & Langnickel homepage and shared on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Download Our Logo


A panel of guest judges will help us judge the contest. Contest submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Artistic Merit: Based on artistic skill.
  • Creativity: Representation of the contest theme, use of the letters in the R-O-Y-A-L and crown logo, and the unique approach to the drawing
  • Theme Communication: How well the contest theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement


The first place winner will receive a $200 gift certificate, second place will receive a $100 gift certificate, third place will receive a $75 gift certificate.


All entries must be received by January 1, 2017. Winners will be announced February 1, 2017.


Drawing Example 1
Drawing Example 2
Submit Your Art


Who is allowed to enter artwork?
All United States residents of any age are welcome to enter the contest.

Can I create my artwork digitally?
No. You must use physical art mediums to create your artwork.

How should the R-O-Y-A-L logo be incorporated?
You can trace the logo outline on the entry form or start from scratch by using any materials you wish. You are free to design the drawings however you want as long as you use the letters R-O-Y-A-L and the crown image. Please note that the winning drawing will be appearing on the Royal & Langnickel homepage.

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