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An Out of This World Father’s Day Project

Make Father's Day Out of this world

Looking for something your kids can make for Father’s Day? This is a quick, easy project that elementary-age kids can complete by themselves or toddlers can do with a little help. It’s also a great alternative to a homemade card.


  1. Start by drawing or tracing a large circle on a white piece of paper—watercolor paper is ideal for this since its thickness will hold up to watercolors. Then have your child draw and color the land on Earth with a green oil pastel or crayon.

  2. Next, use blue watercolor paint and a Crafter’s Choice (for older kids) or Big Kid’s Choice (for younger kids) brush to paint the entire Earth—don’t worry about avoiding the areas colored in green as the watercolors will be repelled by the crayon or oil pastel.

  3. Cut your planet out and glue onto a piece of construction paper (any color works, but we like a black background to represent space).

  4. Cut a star out of yellow construction paper or paint one on white paper and let it dry before cutting it out.

  5. To go with our Earth, we wrote “Dad, You Mean the World to Us,” before gluing the star on the black background, but you can write any Earth-related phrase you like.
Finished Project
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