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Circle Art for All Ages

Circle Art for All Ages

Looking for a quick and easy art project for your kids on a rainy or cold weekend? This circle painting project can be done by kids of all ages and requires only a handful of supplies. Find something round around your house to trace—a vase, glass, roll of tape, etc.—then using a black marker, trace several overlapping circles on a piece of paper. A sturdier paper is ideal for this project, such as our watercolor or acrylic artist paper. Parents can do this step for younger kids and older kids can do this by themselves.

Next, using watercolors or acrylics, have your kids paint in the different shapes created by the overlapping circles. We went with colors inspired by fall, but you can choose any colors you like and paint them in any combination you like. You can challenge kids to create a pattern with their color choices or to choose a different color for every shape. Our Crafter’s Choice and Big Kid’s Choice brushes are ideal for this project as they both feature a rubber grip on the handle for extra comfort.

Reinforce proper brush care when your kids are done painting by having them rinse their brushes and lay them flat to dry.

Circle Art Finished Project Finished Artwork
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